Imagine soaring high above the Pacific Ocean in a specially designed parachute while being
towed behind a high tech speed boat.  Each ride is under control for an effortless ocean
thrill ride. You don’t even have to get wet!

West Maui Parasail has a fleet of five Parasail boats that are "state of the art", utilizing a
hydraulic launch and recovery system. This provides for easy take-off and landings directly
from the flight deck of the boat with the two newest being Ocean Pro 31', 12-passenger
Parasail boats for those larger groups.

West Maui Parasail's other 3 Parasail boats are all 6 passenger boats and are also custom
built specifically for Parasailing.

West Maui Parasail offers single, tandem (two people flying together) and triple (3 people
together) rides.

West Maui Parasail offers two flights: the 800 and the 1,200.  The distance off the water
is approximately 38 stories for the 800 and 50 stories off the water for the 1,200  to give
you breathtaking views of Maui and neighboring islands of Lanai and Molokai.

(808) 661-4060

UFO Parasail is a company that started on Maui in 1985, bringing new and exciting ocean
experiences to the island’s many visitors. The company is owned and operated by Greg and
Rich VanderLaan, both graduates of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and both holding BS
degrees in Nautical Engineering and U.S. Coast Guard licenses.

Today UFO Parasail/UFO Adventures operate 5 boats on Maui and also has operations on the
Big Island, and on New Zealand’s Bay of Islands. Moreover, the VanderLaan brothers have
invented much of the technology that makes the UFO Parasail winch boats among the most
popular and best in the world. They manufacture and sell these boats, contributing more than
500 winch boats that are in operation in 35 countries around the world.

Participants must be at least 3 years old in order to parasail or ride on the boat as a paying
observer. Parasailors must weigh at least 130 pounds to fly alone. Tandem and triple flights
are available with a maximum weight limit of 450 pounds. The captain can increase or
decrease these restrictions at their sole discretion based on safety, wind and sea conditions.

Toll Free (800) 359-4836
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